Research Reveals That Adults Still Skive Condom Use

You would think that knowledge is power and power is deliverance but this has not stopped intellectuals from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. According a recent survey, knowing a few facts about protection has not stopped adults on their tracks in pursuit for fun. The highest percentage of the survey respondents admitted to not using barrier during oral sex. 50% said that they use condoms less often during penetrative sex. It is funny that even having the knowledge of what is wrong and what is right doesn’t deter us from doing the wrongs of life. Despite having sexual knowledge adults still skive condom use. It is quiet hard for health activists to find ways and means of helping people to understand that they have full control of their health. Adults who are sexually active should understand that risks and good health is in their choices.

According to the survey, 75% of the adults still skive condom use with full knowledge of the severe consequences. They know the risks involved in unprotected sex but the heat of passion at the moment overcomes the power of reasoning. Adults do not have communication skills regarding sex. They fear to communicate their fears and desires. For instance if one partner wants to use a condom she/he might fear to tell the sexual partner exactly that. This is because they are afraid of being seen as unfaithful or untrustworthy. This is a big misconception which has increased the rate at which sexually transmitted diseases are contracted. For many adults, when you stop your partner in heat of passion just to remind him to use protection, it means that you are not involved in the passion. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It means you have taken control of your health and generally your whole life.

More than 90% of the survey respondents said that they just assumed that their current sexual partner was free from HIV and AIDS and any other sexually transmitted diseases. Almost two thirds of them said that they have never even thought of discussing about STD with their partners. Only a third of adults questioned admitted of having done the relevant tests. These fatal assumptions are dangerous for their health. It is sad that even after massive adult sex education adults still skive condom use.

People think that adults who use condoms are the promiscuous or the very unclean type. They actually do not bring up the topic of unsafe sex unless one of the partners goes down with an STD. The problem is aggravated further by the physicians who are sometimes less concerned about their patients sexual function. They just treat the disease and leave it at that. Adults still skive condom use because there is no enough pressure from health practitioners. The physicians should feel comfortable with talking about sex and not feel like they are wasting time while taking extra time to explain more about STD. The respondents in the survey said that the physicians they visited never recommended any vaccination against either hepatitis B or A. Their should be improved patient-doctor relationship.